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Withdrawn an authorisation

Similarly to the suspension functionality, an NSA user has the ability to withdraw an Authorisation. This causes the Authorisation to be withdrawn but still be visible to the public. A withdrawal can occur on Authorisations of any status (active, suspended and expired).

In order to withdraw an authorisation on a Vehicle Type, the user must click the ‘Withdraw Authorisation’ button as seen in Figure 49. The withdrawal popup will appear (Figure 51). The user must provide a withdrawal date and an optional comment and click the ‘Withdraw Authorisations’ button. The date can be entered manually or selected by clicking on the calendar icon.

The withdrawal date must be the same or later than the effective date of the previous action on the Authorisation. For example if a suspended Authorisation is to be withdrawn and the suspension effective date is 1st Oct. 2012, then the Withdrawal date must be 1st Oct. 2012 or later.

Withdraw Authorisation popup
Withdraw Authorisation popup

Once the ‘Withdraw Authorisation’ button in the withdrawal popup is clicked, then a new Authorisation withdrawal record will be created and submitted to ERA for approval. On approval, a notification will be dispatched to all involved parties informing them of the Withdrawal.