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View Vehicle Type Details

When accessing the Vehicle Type details in view mode, the ERATV system will display the same forms as the ones used during the registration of a Vehicle Type which were described in Step 1, Step 2,Step 3 and Step 4. The Vehicle Type details are presented in a read-only mode and no changes to the data are possible. Empty fields will not be presented in order to reduce complexity of the Vehicle Type details forms.

The user can perform the following actions from a Vehicle Type / Authorisation details form (as shown in the following figures)

Vehicle Type History and Communication

Vehicle Type Possible Actions

Authorisation actions

Additionally in the view Vehicle Type details form, an indication will appear when there is a duplicate Vehicle Type as shown in the following figure.

Indication of duplicate vehicle types

The user has the option to view helpful information about the technical characteristics of the Vehicle Type by clicking the help icon (Additional information icon ) that is available next to each technical parameter.

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