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View List of Own Authorisations

The “List of own Authorisations” page contains all the Authorisation records (regardless of status) that an Member State holds. The form contains 2 sections as seen in the following image.

  1. The search criteria section
  2. The results section

By default, when first opened, the search section will not have any search criteria specified and the results section form will contain all the registered Authorisations of the home NSA.

List of Authorisations Image

Search Criteria Section

The search criteria section contains the following filters:

The user may provide any combination of the above search criteria and click the “Search” button. Alternatively, clicking the “Reset” button will return the search criteria to their default values.

Results Section

The results section contains a grid that holds the Authorisations returned from the search action. Additionally, there are navigation controls to move between the results pages and a selection to specify the size of each result page.

The grid contains the following information about each authorisation record:

  1. Type / Version ID: the id of the Vehicle Type. If a Type/Version ID is not yet allocated on the Vehicle Type, then the internal database ID is displayed to distinguish between the different records.
  2. Vehicle Type Name: this is the name of the Vehicle Type.
  3. Authorisation Status: this is the status of the Authorisation.
  4. Data Status: this is the status of the registration record.
  5. Last update: this is the date of the latest modification on the record.
  6. Authorised Country: the country of the Authorisation. This should be set to the home MS.
  7. Registering NSA / Organisation: this is the organisation that registered the Vehicle Type originally.
  8. Registering Correspondent: the user that registered the Vehicle Type originally.
  9. Actions: The icon in this column provides access to the user to view or edit the details of the vehicle type and / or authorisation

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