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Type Version IDs

Each Vehicle Type in the ERATV system is identified by a unique number called the Type/Version ID. This number is allocated during VT creation and cannot be altered at any point after the VT is published. It is possible though to alter the number before the first publication.

The Type/Version ID number depends on some of the VT characteristics. The characteristics are:




•Registration method: no details of this field are reflected into the Type/Version ID but alteration of its value has direct effect on the previous fields.

Once the Type/Version ID has been allocated, then the above characteristics cannot change. If a change is required on the above characteristics, then the Vehicle Type should be deactivated and a new one should be created.

The user may request to reserve a Type/Version ID as soon as the VT is created or one will be automatically allocated at the time of publication. If the Type/Version ID has been reserved, then the ERATV system will present an informative message with the newly allocated Type/Version ID as seen in Figure 15

Step 1 – Type/Version ID allocation

The user then has the option to edit the number to a new value, provided that this value does not already exist for another Vehicle Type. By pressing the “Edit” button (see background of Figure 15), the Type/Version ID control becomes editable with a specific input mask. The user will be able to alter only some parts of the ID as seen in Figure 16.

The non-editable parts of the ID number are specified by the Type/Version ID dependent characteristics and cannot be altered.

The new Type/Version ID can be stored by clicking the “Save” button (see the previous images) or the changes can be cancelled by clicking the “Cancel” button.

On successful alteration, the new Type/Version ID is displayed in a popup message to the user as seen in the following image.

Reserved Type/Version IDs from Vehicle Types that were eventually cancelled without being published can be released by the ERATV administrator.

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