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Technical Characteristics: Energy Supply

This section form contains information about the energy supplies the Vehicle Type can support. It must be filled in two steps:

  1. Specify the supported energy supplies and save the form (either “Save as draft” or “Save and continue”).
  2. Specify the technical characteristics for each of the selected energy supplies.

The following parameters are available in this section form:

The selected values in field 4.10.1 are used for determining the available configurations for the Vehicle Type. If parameter 4.10.1 has already preselected values (from a previous session or by copying data from another registered Vehicle Type), making alterations to these might invalidate data further down the registration process. A warning message will be presented to the user when an alteration to these values is performed.

A validation must succeed at this point before the remaining section forms are ‘unlocked’.

The user may fill in any of the provided technical characteristics or perform any of the actions that are described in Step 2 help page. The next available technical characteristics form is the General technical Characteristics form

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