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Step 4: Authorisations

The most important information held for each Vehicle Type are the authorisations it has been granted from each Member State. During the first registration of the Vehicle Type, it is also authorised for the home NSA. After publication, additional NSAs may authorise the Vehicle Type for usage in their Member States. Each authorisation is presented in ‘Tabs’ in the content page as shown in the following image. The selected authorisation is highlighted as shown in the figure for ‘Poland’.

Authorisation tabs
Vehicle Type with multiple Authorisations in different tabs

Form Contents

Each authorisation form contains the following fields:

Possible Actions

The user may perform any of the following actions from this form:

Coded Restrictions

In order to unify the method of representing restrictions between Member States and in order to avoid language and localisation issues, ERA has performed a codification of restrictions and of the values that these restrictions can take.

A full explanation of the process and possible values can be found here.

In the authorisation section, it is possible to set the coded restrictions and their values per configuration through the Coded Restrictions popup (shown below). This appears by clicking the arrow button next to the selected configuration. It is possible to then specify or select values for each of the displayed Coded restrictions.

Coded Restrictions Popup
Step 4 – Coded Restrictions Popup

Submisison of Form

Submission of a registration can only be performed from the final step by clicking the “Submit form” button.

At the time of submission, the following take place:

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