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Step 2: Technical Characteristics

The technical characteristics step of the registration process contains numerous data fields that need to be populated. To ease the fill-in process, these are divided in several section forms as seen in the left hand menu shown in the following image. The section forms are:

Steps of registration process
Steps of registration process

Each technical characteristics form contains the parameters applicable to the section and a number of actions as described in Register new Vehicle Type help page

Each technical characteristic control contains the following items (see the following image):

Technical characteristic control
Technical Characteristics control
  1. The parameter number and label.
  2. The mandatory flag: this flag denotes whether the parameter is mandatory. The applicability of the parameter is calculated dynamically based on the selected values in Step 1 page.
  3. A help text icon: clicking this icon will display a popup help text window.
  4. Field with values: this is the parameter field pre-populated with the selected/ entered values. There are different controls that appear at this point according to the type of the parameter. The possible controls are:
  5. Action Icon: if the user is able to perform an action on the record, then an appropriate button will appear next to the field. The possible actions are:

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