ERATV Help System

Register new Vehicle Type

In order to register a new Vehicle type, the user must click the “Register new type” button from the navigation bar. The new Vehicle type form will be presented to the user as shown in Step 1. The Vehicle Type registration will take place in four steps. These are:

The user must fill in at least all the mandatory fields in all the steps before submitting the form to ERA for validation as described in Step 4. Authorisation Step.

Possible Actions

Through out the registration process (all steps) the user may perform any of the following actions from this form:

Validation Failure

Important Note: Navigating back and altering data in previous steps of the registration process might invalidate data that has been provided later in the registration process. When this occurs, a confirmation message will appear informing that data loss might occur. To continue the user must acknowledge the message and press continue. At this point, all affected data will be removed from the system without the possibility to undo this action.

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