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Mofigy a Vehicle Type

At some point during the Vehicle Type’s lifecycle, there might be the need to modify the record. The ERATV system allows the modification to a Vehicle Type after it has been published.

The fact that a Vehicle Type might have been authorised by a number of Member States complicates the modification process. All NSAs which have authorised a Vehicle Type must first approve any proposed modifications before these are passed to ERA for validation.

In order to initiate the modification process, the user must navigate to the Vehicle Type’s details. The form shown in the following image, highlights the allowable actions that an involved NSA may perform on the Vehicle Type. The user must select the ‘Modify Data’ Button.

Published Vehicle Type Allowable Actions
Published Vehicle Type allowable actions

The ERATV system will then create a new modification record for the Vehicle Type in ‘Draft’ status and present that to the user. The user can then proceed with modifying the Vehicle Type’s data as described in Step 1. General Information Step, Step 2. Technical Characteristics Step, Step 3. Conformity with TSI Step & Step 4. Authorisation Step. When the modifications are completed, the user must click the ‘Submit’ button and the bottom of the Step 4 form.

At this point, a request will be dispatched to all the remaining involved NSAs that have published an authorisation for this Vehicle Type, regardless of the authorisation’s status at the time of modification. All NSAs must approve these modifications. Once all approvals have been granted, a request will be dispatched to ERA to validate the modifications within an appropriate timeframe. The modified data will come into effect and will be published after ERA has validated the modification request. A notification message will be dispatched to all involved parties at that point, informing them that the data are now published.

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