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Modify an Authorisation

It is possible to modify an existing authorisation in case the authorisation details have changed. This action is allowable only on active or expired authorisations.

The user must first locate the authorisation record to be modified. This can be easily achieved by accessing the ‘List of own Authorisations’ form as described in the View List of own Authorisations form, locating the authorisation to be modified, and clicking the actions icon next to the record.

Alternatively, the user may search for the Vehicle Type and access its details as described in Advanced Search form. Then the user should navigate to the authorisations section.

Regardless of the path followed, the authorisation form with the additional actions will be displayed, as highlighted in the following image. The "Modify" Action should be selected.

Published Authorisation Allowable actions
Published Authorisation Allowable actions

When the modify button is pressed, a draft authorisation modification record will be created and presented to the user for editing. The user will modify the authorisation record details as specified in Step 4. Authorisation Step, save the changes, and submit the modification for approval by ERA. The modified data will come into effect and will be published after ERA has validated the modification request. A notification message will be dispatched to all involved parties at that point, informing them that the data are now published.

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