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Correct Vehicle Type / Authorisation

It is also possible to correct the details of a Vehicle Type or an authorisation in case some values these were introduced into the system by error. Corrections to a Vehicle Type’s data follow the same principles as the modification actions but do not require approval by all involved NSAs. Instead, one of the involved parties can press the ‘Correct Error’ button displayed in the "Published Vehicle Type allowable actions" image below or the ‘Correct Authorisation Error’ button shown in the "Published Authorisation Allowable actions" image below.

Published Vehicle Type Allowable Actions
Published Vehicle Type allowable actions
Published Authorisation Allowable actions
Published Authorisation Allowable actions

A draft record of the Vehicle Type /Authorisation is created and presented to the user. The user can then proceed with correcting the Vehicle Type or Authorisation data as described in Step 1. General Information Step, Step 2. Technical Characteristics Step, Step 3. Conformity with TSI Step & Step 4. Authorisation Step. When the corrections are completed, the user must click the ‘Submit’ button at the bottom of the Step 4 form. The corrections are then dispatched to ERA for validation. Once validated, the corrections come into effect and are published. Additionally, a notification message is dispatched to all involved parties, informing them about the alterations of the record’s data.

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