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Some parameters in a Vehicle Type may depend on the specified values of other Parameters. For example, parameter ‘4.10.2 Maximum Power’ depends on the values selected for parameter ‘4.10.1 Energy Supply system’, as different supply systems will output different amounts of power.

There are 3 main parameters on which other parameters depend and hence they can cause multiple values for the other characteristics. These main parameters are:

The parameters that depend on any combination of the 3 main parameters may contain multiple values. A value may be entered for each combination of the selected values for the main parameters (configuration). The configurations for each parameter are determined based on the dependencies of that parameter.

The configurations cause vehicle type fields to be repeated once for each parameter as shown in the example for the TSI form shown below:

TSIs form

In the above example there are 2 configurations, "1000mm/Autonomous/ASFA" & "1000mm/Autonomous/No".

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