ERATV Help System

Accessing ERATV Application

User Roles

The ERATV system is available for the general public for all the published content. In order to be able to provide content to be considered for publication or to perform additional administrative actions, a user account is necessary for accessing the system with a specific user role. The available user roles are:

Log On

In order to login, the user has to click on the “Log on” option available at the header of the public web site. Afterwards, the Login Page is presented.

Login Page

In the Login Page, the user should follow the next steps:

  1. Fill-in the “Username” text field.
  2. Fill-in the “Password” text field.
  3. Click on the “Log In” button.
Once the user logs in successfully, the home page of the ERATV system will be presented.

Remember Me

This option allows the user to remain logged-in after the user closes the internet browser. This is achieved by selecting the “Remember me” checkbox during the login process, as shown in Figure 5. The next time the user accesses the ERATV system, the system will recognise the logged-in user and bypass the login page.

If at any point after selecting the “Remember me” option the user clicks the “Logout” option, then the user is logged out and the ERATV system will not remember the user details.

Forgot your Password

In case the user has forgotten his/her password, s/he can click on the “Forgot Password” link available at the Login page. A form will be displayed prompting the user to enter his username and email address. As informed by the note on the webpage, ERA, Administrator or NSA users cannot retrieve their password through this form as the user account credentials are retrieved from the registered Active Directory (AD).

Log Off

The user may terminate the session by clicking on the “Log Out” link in the header section. If the “Remember me” option was previously selected, it will now be removed. The user will need to provide the user credentials again in order to access the ERATV system.

View Profile

The user can view the details of his/her account by clicking on the “Account settings” link available in the header section after login into the ERATV system. Then, the profile information page is displayed which contains the following details:

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