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51-011-0001-3-001 Laadffoos - Modification of coupled wagon TD 452 in multiple wagon TDT 852

Status: Published
Latest Update: 2014-08-19 4:22:43 PM

Section 1: General Information

0. Identification of the type

1. General Information

Section 2: Conformity with TSI

2.1 Conformity with TSI and Sections not complied with:

CR WAG (Dec 2006/861/EC amended by Dec 2009/107/EC)
Sections not complied with :
4.3.8. Conventional Rail Noise TSI

2.3 Applicable specific cases (specific cases conformity with which has been assessed)

CR WAG (Dec 2006/861/EC amended by Dec 2009/107/EC)

2.2 Reference of ‘EC type examination certificates’

Reference of ‘EC type examination certificates’ - if module SB applied - and/or ‘design verification certificate’ - if module SH1 applied

Section 3: Authorisations


3.1.2 Current status

3.1.3 Historical Initial Registration Correction

Section 4: Technical Characteristics

Wheel set gauge

4.1.3 Wheel set gauge Parameter Help Text
1435 mm

4.1.2 Speed Maximum design speed Parameter Help Text
100 km/h Maximum speed when empty Parameter Help Text
100 km/h
4.1.7 Letter marking Parameter Help Text
4.1.8 Type meets the requirements necessary for validity of the vehicle authorisation granted by one Member State in other MSs Parameter Help Text
Clause 7.6.4 of CR WAG TSI (Dec 2006/861/EC as amended by Dec 2009/107/EC)
4.1.9 Dangerous goods for which the vehicle is suitable (tank code) Parameter Help Text
Not applicable
4.1.10 Structural category Parameter Help Text
F-I of EN12663:2000
4.2.1 Vehicle kinematic gauge (interoperable gauge) Parameter Help Text
UIC 505-1
4.3.1 Temperature range Parameter Help Text
4.5.1 Permissible payload for different line categories Parameter Help Text
A (103.2) t
B (103.2) t
C (103.2) t

4.5.2 Design mass

4.5.3 Static axle load Static axle load under normal payload/ maximum payload for freight wagons Parameter Help Text
12900 kg
4.6.2 Vehicle equipped with a cant deficiency compensation system (“tilting vehicle”) Parameter Help Text
False Brake performance on steep gradients with normal payload Reference case of TSI Parameter Help Text
Reference case of (80 km/h, 21‰ (mm/m), 46 km)

4.7.3 Parking brake All vehicles of this type must be equipped with a parking brake (parking brake mandatory for vehicles of this type) Parameter Help Text
True Parking brake type (if the vehicle is fitted with it) Parameter Help Text
Manual operated from the ground Maximum gradient on which the unit is kept immobilized by the parking brake alone (if the vehicle is fitted with it) Parameter Help Text
37.1 ‰ (mm/m)
4.8.1 Vehicle length Parameter Help Text
54.12 m
4.8.3 Shunting restrictions Parameter Help Text
4.8.4 Minimum horizontal curve radius capability Parameter Help Text
75 m
4.8.8 Suitability for transport on ferries Parameter Help Text
4.9.1 Type of end coupling (indicating tensile and compressive forces) Parameter Help Text
Manual (UIC 85 - 100 t)
4.9.2 Axle bearing condition monitoring (hot axles box detection) Parameter Help Text
Detectable by line side
4.11.2 Pass-by noise level was measured under reference conditions Parameter Help Text
4.14.1 Type of train detection systems for which the vehicle has been designed and assessed Parameter Help Text
track circuits

4.14.2 Detailed vehicle characteristics related to compatibility with train detection systems Maximum distance between consecutive axles Parameter Help Text
9000 mm Minimum distance between consecutive axles Parameter Help Text
4220 mm Distance between the first and the last axle Parameter Help Text
49280 mm Maximum length of the vehicle nose Parameter Help Text
2420 mm Minimum axle load Parameter Help Text
12.9 t Wheel material is ferromagnetic Parameter Help Text
True Maximum impedance between opposite wheels of a wheelset Parameter Help Text
0.01 Ohm